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Morocco has always been a crossroads between Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and nowhere evokes this sense more than Tangier, that faded poster boy for Europe’s often decadent but sometimes creative presence on Moroccan shores. From Tangier, turn south along Morocco’s Atlantic Coast and you’ll be accompanied by a sea breeze that massages the ramparts of wonderful cities whose names – Essaouira, Casablanca, Asilah, Rabat – and atmosphere carry a whiff of African magic. Travel east along the Mediterranean coast and you’ll be bidden into enchanting towns and the mountains of the Rif. Morocco is sensory overload at its most intoxicating, from the scents and sounds that permeate the medinas of Fès and Marrakesh to the astonishing sights of the landscape. If it’s mountains you love, Morocco has them in abundance, rising from the Rif into the Middle Atlas and on into the extraordinary contours of the High Atlas. This is land custom-built for trekking as you follow quiet mountain trails amid Berber villages and fields of flowers. Then, suddenly, everything changes. The mountains fissure into precipitous gorges the colour of the earth, mud-brick kasbahs turn blood-red with the setting sun and the sense that one has stumbled into a fairytale takes hold. From rocky fortresses such as these, the Sahara announces its presence in Morocco with perfectly sculpted seas of sand. At journey’s end, the solitude of the Sahara is ideal for contemplating why it is that Morocco has such cachet. The answer is simple: there is no place on earth quite like it.  From the Lonelyplanet. Departures of Treks in Morocco are available all year around but the best saison is March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October  

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About Us

We are a professional and competent team (guides, muleteers, cooks,..) lead by Mohamed Aztat, an official mountain & desert tour guide Berber by  origin and local to the Imlil region.

  • Graduated from Mountain guides shcool in Tabant (CFAMM), Licenced N°385
  • graduated from  the “Royal Moroccan Federation of Skiing and Mountaineering.
  • Accredited Wild country Assessor for  Expeditions in Morocco
  • Member of the guides association.
  Mohamed was previously a muleteer, cook and tour guide for many British companies, speak excellent English, French have 13 years experience, He truly loves his job and the region he grew up and lives in . Always proud to introduce his culture to visitors                                                              

Hiking and Trekking in Morocco

Whenever you want to travel and whatever your level of fitness, we can organize your trip to suit you. Whether you want to climb mountains, walk through deep shaded valleys, or ride camels accross the desert; we will enable you to experience your desired holiday.

Tour Programs or itinerary

We offer and arrange day trips and longer proper hikes into the mountains, with your transfers from town laid on. We are able to suggest itineraries to meet the requirements of visitors based on the number of days available, please choose an itinerary from below and we make it happen.


From Conde Nast Traveller Magazine - Issue, December 2007

PLUS, Hire a Berber guide and head out of Marrakech for a trek in the Atlas Mountains... Mohamed is simply the best  guide with whom I have walked in Morocco...”  >>>>>> Read more

From the Sunday Times Newspaper  -  Agust,2008

         For proper treks, contact the Atlas superguide Mohamed Aztat (0668 76 01 65, ), who can arrange day trips and longer hikes into the mountains, with your transfers from town laid on

From the Sunday Times Newspaper  - May, 2007

         In Morocco's mountains There’s solitude high up in the Atlas Mountains – only your guide, your mule and a few excited locals will know you’re there...“Welcome to the happy valley,” said our guide, Mohamed Aztat, when we stepped out into this Arcadian landscape next morning.    >>>>>>Read more

From the BBC-Radio 2  / 19 Feb 2008

         We headed for the hills to speak to a man who spends his days with his head in the clouds. We went live to the Atlas mountains in Morocco, to join one of their top guides Mohamed Aztat.  >>>>> Read more

From the Lonelyplanet guidebook  - February 2007

Dar Adrar  is run by one of the star guides of the Atlas, Mohamed Aztat

From Insight Smart Guide Marrakech 2009

....Mohamed Aztat who owns this small guesthouse, is one of the best guides around. He arranges treks, has a good team of guides, muleteers and cooks, as well as a small shop with equipment rental.

Choose an Itinerary by Region  or by Length!!

The Atlas Mountains - Morocco

We can personalize all the Trekking programs mentioned on this web site or create  a new ones according to the costumer's enquiry.
The Atlas Mountains are a mountain range across a northern stretch of Africa extending about 2,500 km (1,500 miles) through Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. The Atlas ranges separate the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines from the Sahara Desert. The mountains are divided into additional and separate ranges, including the High Atlas, Middle Atlas, and Anti-Atlas.

 High atlas its self is divided into :

  • Western High Atlas : In the west lies the oldest portion of the range. Several peaks in this area exceed 4000 m,  Its high point is the Jbel Toubkal at 4167 m, which is visible from the city of Marrakech. Jbel Toubkal lies in the Toubkal national park

  • Central High Atlas : A solid chalk mass morphologically dominated by tabular zones reaching an altitude of 2,500 m extends from Azilal to Ouarzazate. Here, the contrasting landscapes remind visitors of the Colorado, with its high plateaux, its gorges and box canyons, and its peaks sometimes splintered by erosion. Jebel Mgoun at 4068 m being the highest peak in this part of the High Atlas.

  • Eastern high atlas  which is the Imlchil region.


The Anti-Atlas extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest of Morocco toward the northeast to the heights of Ouarzazate and further east to the city of Tafilalt (altogether a distance of approximately 500 kilometres/310 miles). In the south it borders the Sahara. The easternmost point of the anti-Atlas is the Djebel Sarhro mountains and its eastern boundary is set by sections of the High Atlas range. Jbel Siroua is set as a bridge between the High atlas and the Anti-Atlas.

Mountain Treks

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Our shop, Atlas Trekking Equipment was set up by Mohamed and Paul, two mountaineering friends and colleagues. We both lead and guide groups in the mountains and both wish to share our experiences with others.

The shop is set in the centre of Imlil village (see map) and offers trekkers the opportunity to buy or hire Trekking equipment. Read more >>>>


Our Homestay in Imlil - Morocco: Dar Adrar

In Imlil, a picturesque Berber town set in the Western High Atlas mountains, about an hour drive south of Marrakech, enjoy the genuine Moroccan hospitality in the lovely family-run guesthouse Dar Adrar. The lodging features cosy guestrooms a roof terrace with panoramic views over the Imlil valley, and an on-site Hammam or Turkish bath. A complimentary breakfast is served every day from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and delicious home-cooked meals can be provided on request         Read more >>>>
short cut to the Trekking in Morocco itineraries.
2D/1N,Imlil &Imnane V 2D/1N Imlil &Azzaden V  2D/1N Imlil-Ouirgane 2Days /1N Toubkal 2D/1N Happy Valley 3D/2N Imlil & Azzaden
3Days /2N Toubkal 3Days /2N Ourika  4Days /3N Ourika 4Days /3N Valleys 4D/3N Berber Villages 5Days /4N Villages
5Days /4N Toubkal 6Days /5N Toubkal 6Days /5N Ourika 6Days /5N Mgoun T 6Days /5N Mgoun C 6Days /5N Sarghro
7Days /6N Toubkal 7Days /6N Siroua 8Days /7N Toubkal 12D/11N Toubkal 18D High Atlas T 22D/21N High Atlas T
2Days /1N Zagora 3Days /2N Erg Chebbi 3D/2N Erg Chegaga 5D/4N Chebbi & Chegaga 7D/6N South of Moroco   8D/7N VTT
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