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Day Trips
Treks of 2 days
Treks of 3 days
Treks of 4 days
Treks of 5 days
Treks of 6 days
Treks of 7 days
Treks of 8 days
  • 8 days tour to remote valleys of Toubkal region
  • Walking in the M-Goun summit 8days/7nights
  • Walking in Draa Valley: 8days/7nights
  • Trekking in Zagora to the dunes of M-Hamid: 8days/7nights
  • Trekking the Moroccan desert:  Erg Chegaga tour 8days/7nights
Treks of 12 days
Treks of 18 days
Treks of 22 days
Desert trip of 2 days
Desert trips of 3 days
Desert trips of 5 days
Desert trips of 7 days
Camel trekking
VTT Raids

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NB: We can personalize all the programs mentioned on this web site or creat  a new ones according to the costumer's enquiry. if you have in mind a specific region just lets us know how long do you like to go for  (days) then will creat a program to suit you.

If you would like more information or a detailed itinerary of the above Titles, or you would like us to set-up another tour  in other parts of Morocco, please contact us at:  info@atlastrekshop.com